Peedh Parai Nagpur 2020: Dates will be declared soon
Peedh Parai Manipal 2020 : Dates will be declared soon
Peedh Parai Nagpur 2019: February 17 to February 24- Read More
Peedh Parai Manipal 2019 : from February 2nd to Feb 9- Read More

who are we

Peedh Parai International, a 501(C)(3) registered nonprofit organisation is a group of dedicated surgeons, anaesthesiologists, intensivists, specialist physicians, physician assistants, nurses and support personnel. Our team liases and visits with medical teams in different parts of the world to perform surgical procedures on poor children born with a variety of conditions that affect their appearance and bodily functions. Our team includes pediatric surgeons with expertise in orthopedics, ENT,urology, plastics and general surgery.

We also encourage medical students, residents, child care nurses, school students and other people who share the spirit of our mission to join us in our efforts.

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what do we treat

There are several kinds
Esophageal atresia- With esophageal atresia, esophagus does not form properly, resulting in two segments that don't connect to each other. Since the esophagus is in two segments, liquid that a baby swallows cannot pass normally through the esophagus and reach the stomach. Also, ingested liquids may spill over into the bronchial tubes and cause pneumonia or airway obstruction.

Tracheoesophageal fistula (TEF)- Often occurs with esophageal atresia. It's an abnormal connection in one or more places between your child's esophagus and the trachea. Normally, the esophagus and the trachea are two separate tubes that are not connected, but if a TEF is present, stomach content may regurgitate into the lungs.
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Success Stries

Future Missions

Peedh Parai Nagpur 2020: Dates will be declared soon
Peedh Parai Manipal 2020 : Dates will be declared soon

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At the core, is a team of young and efficient Doctors!


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